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In light of the Covid-19 crisis, our 5 day course is currently being offered both remotely via Zoom, and in-person

A Unique Course Package

Training to become a mediator can be a daunting task, if you're not in the right place that is. However, we believe that our practical 5 day training course provides you with everything you are looking for in an accredited mediation course.

Training with us allows you as the aspiring mediator to take advantage of a complete unique package that we offer here at Align Mediation. We don't simply teach you how to mediate and provide you with a certificate upon completion - we guide you through the entire process of becoming a mediator, from beginning to end.

From helping you choose the best course type to suit you, to offering you the opportunity to undertake mediation observations and even gain a FREE lifetime membership on our mediator panel once qualified, our training package is tailored to suit you.

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The Highest Quality Training

Registered with the Civil Mediation Council, our training course has been recognised as the highest quality so as to give you the very best start in your career as mediator. Successful completion of our course results in you becoming a professional, accredited mediator with the most prestigious qualification. Our mediation course will equip you with all the essential skills needed to go out into the dispute resolution industry and mediate real cases.

A course that is made for you

A Course that is Made For You

Whether you are looking to start a new and exciting career in the dispute resolution field, or simply want to supplement the one you already have; the opportunity to begin a rewarding career in a rapidly growing industry, has never been better.

We aim to provide a mediation course that satisfies you, the aspiring mediator and is designed to help you get the most out of your training.

Please feel free to call our training team on any of the numbers above and make sure you request your FREE mediation training brochure and e-Book.

Our Training Programme is Essential for:

  • | Legal Professionals - such as attorneys, legal directors, and judges
  • | Professional advisors - such as accountants, financial advisors, healthcare, and other professionals
  • | Graduates - especially those who wish to pursue a career in the legal industry
  • | Those with responsibility for resolving disputes - such as company directors and business managers
  • | Those who wish to begin a new and exciting career in negotiation, facilitation, dispute resolution

Why Our Customers Chose Us

Andrew West

"This has been the single best training course I have ever attended in 23 years’ practice as a solicitor.  Our trainer, Steve, was outstanding with the course delivery, and administration and organisation of the course was seamless, with the emphasis on personal contact.  I’d recommend Align for anyone considering training to become a mediator."

Andrew West

Laura Bailhache

“Informative, engaging and stimulating. There is a good balance of tuition and practical exercises and the course delivers the tools needed to conduct real life mediations with confidence.

Steve did an excellent job of delivering the course in a fun, relaxed and user-friendly way. Harry answered all our more practical questions about how to get into practice. The course is competitively priced, well-managed and in a good location with excellent facilities laid on.

The course introduces you to a wide range of interesting new people, all of whom you will know much better by the end! I am very glad I took this course as I have gained so much both personally and professionally by doing so and I would highly recommend Align to anyone looking to get into mediation.”

Laura Bailhache

Alison Walsh

"The Align Mediation Course was one of the most enjoyable, useful and rewarding courses I have undertaken. It was a perfect blend of instruction, and practical sessions with a safe and supportive space for practice, feedback, reflection and learning.

I found Steve’s unique style of instruction, peppered with anecdotes of his own experiences of mediation, quite mesmerising. The medium of Zoom was ultra-convenient and definitely did not diminish the learning experience. I felt we bonded as a group of participants as strongly as if we were in a face to face learning environment.

Interestingly, in terms of learning outcomes, I feel the course absolutely achieves its purpose of preparing students to be effective mediators, but also more fundamentally, to be more enquiring and open as individuals, and better equipped with life skills. I would recommend this course wholeheartedly to anyone seeking an accredited mediation qualification – it offers the very best in terms of enjoyment, learning and value for money."

Alison Walsh (Roome – Gifford – QPM)

Retired Chief Officer – Hertfordshire Constabulary
Faye Davis-Carrau

"I have completed Align’s one week Civil/Commercial Mediation course in Oxford. I can highly recommend it. The trainer was fantastic and the size of the group (nine) was just the right number. The days had a perfect mix of lectures combined with role plays and breaks. The content of the course was very interesting and not only will it benefit me in my career as a mediator but also on a personal level too. I would strongly recommend anyone looking to do a course in Mediation to choose Align."

Faye Davis-Carrau

MET Police Officer
Charlotte Harverson

“Align Mediation offers a superb course in Mediation that is second to none. We attended the course for Civil and Commercial Mediation this Spring and were delighted with the course structure, content and with our trainer.  We had no concept of the many skills that were necessary to offer mediation and we are now (thanks to the informative course we attended), well on the path to becoming good mediators ourselves thanks to Align.”

Charlotte Harverson

Advocacy Advisor
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Simply fill in your details and we'll send you this great guide straight away.

Simply fill in your details and we'll
send you this great guide straight away.