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If you’re looking to undertake some form of training in mediation with the flexibility to train from home, in your own time; then this course is for you.

This mediation skills course provides training in the essential skills and techniques in mediation leading to a certificate upon successful completion.

Essentially a condensed version of our 40 hour distance learning course, this skills course is a self-paced course which you complete from home. Unlike our distance learning course, however, this training does not result in an accredited professional qualification, but a certificate of completion instead - to confirm you have completed some basic training in mediation.

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Who is it for?

  • | Anyone who currently finds themselves mediating on any level either formally or informally and wishes to improve their skills.
  • | Anyone who wishes to learn about the skill of mediating.
  • | Anyone considering a career in mediation but wanting to ‘dip their toes in the water’ first before committing to a fully-fledged training programme.
  • | Anyone studying a subject where a certificate in mediation skills would help improve their Curriculum Vitae.
  • | Anyone working in a profession whereby the skill of mediation would help complement their current skill set (such as coaches and legal professionals).
  • | Practising mediators who wish to simply add to their current skill set.

How does it work?

  • | The course materials are made up of reading materials and video recordings of our accredited 5 day training programme.
  • | You are sent all the materials electronically so that you can do the entire course anywhere you wish to.
  • | You are assigned a personal tutor from the outset for any guidance and support that you might need.
  • | Work through each of the 3 modules in succession.
  • | Once having worked through all 3 modules, you are required to book in with your personal tutor and carry out a practical role play exercise over Skype.
  • | You are then sent your completion certificate in the post confirming your completion of the course along with your 6 hours’ worth of CPD points.

What do I get?

  • | Quick start guide to help get you started.
  • | 3 Course Modules (in PDF format) containing detailed training materials.
  • | 3 x video files of actual footage of our accredited 5 day civil/commercial training programme to watch alongside each module.
  • | 20 top tips booklet on how best to promote yourself as a professional mediator.
  • | Your very own 1:1 personal tutor whom you can contact 24/7 by phone and email with any of your queries.
  • | You are then sent your completion certificate in the post confirming your completion of the course along with your 6 hours’ worth of CPD points.
  • | A certificate confirming that you have successfully completed Align Mediation’s Mediation Skills Course and acquired 6 hours’ worth of CPD points (delivered to you immediately upon successfully completing the course).

Why Our Customers Chose Us

Katherine Jensen

"I thought the Align Mediation course was fantastic. I was able to do it remotely alongside my job, which was a real benefit. My trainer was very motivating and provided me with constructive feedback each session. This approach fitted excellently alongside the informative training manuals provided. I look forward to continue developing my skills as a mediator, as I strongly believe that out-of-court dispute resolution can be hugely beneficial to clients in many circumstances."

Katherine Jensen

Trainee Solicitor
Andrew Chivers

“For health reasons, I had to retire a few months ago having spent the previous fifty years in full time veterinary practice. Coming to terms with that situation forced me to look for a new intellectual challenge and whilst researching possibilities on the internet, I came across Align Mediation. Knowing that a distance-learning option of the 5 day course was available, I signed up. The course proved to be all I had wished with the added benefit of learning a new skill at an advanced age. Being able to fit the training into my available time at home suited me well and my personal tutor, Harry, was a great support throughout and always available for help and advice. The on-line video lectures were well-structured and easy to follow. I can thoroughly recommend this distance-learning course for anyone wanting to study mediation.”

Andrew Chivers

Retired Veterinary Practitioner
Robyn Elliot

“Whilst completing the Align Mediation distance learning course I was provided with a tutor (Harry) who was a good source of support and information. I found the course itself straight forward, informative and manageable. The videos that are provided as part of the course material bring the experience to life and reflected the course material well. I would highly recommend undertaking this distance learning course, and Align Mediation.”

Robyn Elliot

Consultant Social Worker
Ingemar Hunnings

“I found Align Mediation very helpful in training me as a mediator. The fact that they provided the option of distance learning with skype tutorials and assessments was of particular value to me to allow me to fit the training around my other work as a consultant to the legal industry.”

Ingemar Hunnings

Business Consultant
J.P Dodds

“I have recently completed the Civil/Commercial Mediation Skills Course with Align Mediation. I found the course hugely interesting and informative, with someone always at the end of the phone to answer any questions I had. I particularly liked the way that the course was self-paced. An excellent course at an excellent price compared to others. Thank you to Align Mediation for all of your help.”

J.P Dodds

School Caretaker, Oxfordshire
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Simply fill in your details and we'll send you this great guide straight away.

Simply fill in your details and we'll
send you this great guide straight away.